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[Angola] Caximel project set to produce 400 mobile hives by year end

More than 400 mobile hives will be produced by the end of this year, in Angola's municipality of Dande, Bengo province, within the scope of the Caximel project, underway in the region for a year. The project, unique in the country, is a private initiative and has already installed 78 mobile hives last year.
The hives made of wood, of the “reversible” type, have 43 centimeters of length and width, 25.5 centimeters of height, a capacity to house 120 thousand bees and to produce 15 thousand liters of honey.
The project is located in the Sassa-Pedreira area and also covers the areas of Paranhos and Lifune.
At this moment, some hives are already being sold at a price of 24 to 39 thousand kwanzas, for complete hive (with bees) and not complete (without bees), informed the Angop, the person in charge of the project, Benedito de Oliveira.
For the success of the initiative, he requested the support of the Ministry of Agriculture in the field of training and acquisition of work tools.
The project, which generated just four jobs, has the prospect of increasing the number as more young people are trained in beekeeping.

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