Not fewer than 100 Civil Society Groups have signed a petition urging the United Nations  (UN) to prevail on Amnesty International to desist from what they described as a plot to destabilize Nigeria.
Addressing a press conference in Abuja, Chief  Sabo Odey 
President of Save Africa Group, accused Amnesty International of being part of a larger plot to plunge Nigeria into war and eventual break up.
He said the UN must intervene before Amnesty International creates another humanitarian crises in. According to him, millions of Nigerians are already displaced as a result of the action of Boko Haram which he said has been emboldened by Amnesty International.
He said the organization has repeatedly tried to undermine the Nigerian security apparatus by issuing damming reports, which Boko Haram and other groups have capitalized on to reign more terror on innocent Nigerians
Odey said the world cannot afford to stand aloof while the international organization continues with its activities.
He said several groups, concerned about the destructive deception of Amnesty International, have held widespread protests that occupied the organization's premises with the protesters giving it ultimatum to leave Nigeria. 
Odey said the various CSOs have gathered enough singatures from Nigetians and is set to approach the International Criminal Court of Justice to ensure that Amnesty International and its staff in Nigeria account for their deeds and for every life lost or scarred by their support for terrorism. 
"We are asking the UN to call Amnesty International to order as the people will no longer  tolerate any attempt to bully legitimate protesters who are calling on Amnesty International to vacate the country. The proliferation of Amnesty International into aggregates to look like a legitimate entity within the state of its operation is a hogwash that cannot stand the anger of the citizens.
"The demand that Amnesty International leaves Nigeria immediately is no bluff. We however realize that they may rightly fear that their project would be defunded in Nigeria and their staff join the unemployment market that their support for terrorism has further compounded. Our advice is that Amnesty International should channel the funds they are busy churning out to NGOs and lawyers in Nigeria to rebuild countries like Libya, Iraq and Syria that they contributed to destroying. No part of Africa will again fall to the wishes of external influence, our sovereignty is very sacrosanct to us and we shall guide it jealously," he said
He said the war in Iraq and Syria happened with the active input of Amnesty International. According to him, in both countries as in all cases, the group authors deceptive reports that present state agencies as the problem while defending terrorists that it always give euphemistic names like "rebels", "activists" or "separatists" to lessen the horrific nature of the crimes they commit in the cause of fighting legitimate authorities. 
He said, "a March 5, 2005, paper issued by the National Intelligence council titled 'Mapping Sub-Saharan Africa’s Future,' which explored the scenario of a disintegrated Nigeria in 2015 has been latched unto by several entities that had fantasized about how they will benefit from a broken Nigeria. 
"The country, knowing the consequence of such evil projections, worked hard to put its house in order and the postulated year came without the anticipated implosion. It is noteworthy that Amnesty International obsession with supporting terrorists in Nigeria spiked after 2015 ended and Nigeria remained intact. Its rabid support is for groups that have the break-up of Nigeria as their cardinal objective: Boko Haram that wants strict implementation of Sharia in a secular state; Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) that are asking for the revival of the moribund Biafra republic that was responsible for a civil war; Niger Delta Avengers that were killing anyone that represents the federal government of Nigeria; Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) fanatics that are no less feral than Boko Haram terrorists."
He said further, "The threats posed by these various groups have been largely contained by a military whose professionalism has been acknowledged by the United States' President Donald Trump, who acknowledged the good work being done by the government of President Muhammadu Buhari in degrading terrorism in Nigeria. However, Boko Haram has proven to still require additional military actions and operations to completely restore the north-eastern part of Nigeria back to the peaceful economic hub that it was before the terrorists unfurled their campaign of destruction there. This is however proving difficult because each time the group is to be dealt the final blow Amnesty International publishes reports in which it will claim the human rights of the group are being abused through the deployment of disproportionate force in quelling their insurgency. It has extended the same sick courtesy other terror groups in Nigeria. Observation since 2015 is that these terrorists use the Amnesty International reports as propaganda tool, including for recruitment drive. - The Authority