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[South Africa] vivo hosts 5G technology dialogue with global partner







vivo Communications Research Institute recently held its first 5G Talk event in South Africa. The event brought together industry experts to discuss the latest developments in 5G and the potential benefits for consumers.

At the same time, the company also released its latest communication technology vision, "Bringing you a boundless intelligent world," 

Discussing the benefits of 5G for developing countries, the event concluded that enhanced connectivity could provide solutions to infrastructure challenges, such as remote healthcare and education, IoT for agriculture and disaster recovery, and enable new business models. 

“At vivo, we are dedicated to making 5G smartphones more convenient, accessible, and affordable, empowering communities to thrive in the new digital landscape,” said Rakesh Tamrakar, Leading Specialist at vivo Communications Research Institute. 

“Our relentless efforts in this area, including our extensive R&D initiatives, have resulted in cutting-edge innovations that are now a part of global 5G standards. By nurturing innovation and collaboration, we believe we can contribute to shaping a boundless, intelligent world where everyone can benefit from advanced telecommunication technologies,” he added. 

By supporting the development of local 5G networks and communication technologies, vivo says it hopes to make high-speed connectivity and digital life more accessible and convenient through its diversified 5G devices, ushering in a boundless, intelligent world.

Participants at the event included industry experts, including representatives from telecom operators, industry associations, and academia.

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