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[NIGERIA] GetFundedAfrica Honours Microsoft’s Country Director for Remarkable Achievement


GetFundedAfrica, a prominent ecosystem company dedicated to nurturing and supporting African entrepreneurs, proudly acknowledges and celebrates the exceptional accomplishments of Olatomiwa Williams, the Country Director of Microsoft for Nigeria and Ghana.

Williams has made a lasting impact on the technology sector through her unwavering commitment to empowering and promoting women.

As the first female dual Country Director for Microsoft in Africa, overseeing operations in Nigeria and Ghana, Williams has emerged as a leading voice and advocate for women in the technology field. Her groundbreaking achievements and dedication to her roots in Abeokuta were recently recognized at the Abeokuta Innovation and Tech Party (AITP), a joint initiative with the Ogun State Government. A special ceremony was held during the event to unveil a plaque and dedicate the “Olatomiwa Williams Hall.”

This historic milestone not only signifies an impressive accomplishment within the technology industry but also extends its impact to various sectors. It provides a significant platform to inspire future generations, urging them to pursue excellence and overcome barriers in the ever-evolving realm of technology.

Adebola Omololu, the Founder and CEO of GetFundedAfrica, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Olatomiwa personifies our vision of nurturing Africa’s next generation of young leaders, and we are elated that her triumph will inspire numerous aspiring minds to pursue their dreams.” This recognition showcases GetFundedAfrica’s unwavering commitment to supporting and amplifying remarkable talents like Olatomiwa, who are driving change and innovation in the African technology landscape.

By acknowledging and celebrating Olatomiwa Williams’ achievements, GetFundedAfrica aims to inspire individuals, particularly women, to embark on fulfilling careers in technology and contribute significantly to the industry. This momentous occasion underscores the pivotal role of diversity and inclusion in the technology sector, emphasizing the invaluable contributions women bring to the industry’s growth and success.

In response to this recognition, Olatomiwa Williams expressed her gratitude, stating, “I am deeply honored to receive this recognition from GetFundedAfrica and be celebrated for my contributions to the technology industry. This milestone represents not only my personal achievements but also the collective progress we are making in empowering women in technology. I hope that my journey inspires young minds to fearlessly pursue their dreams and encourages more women to break barriers and leave their mark in this ever-evolving field. Together, we can create a diverse and inclusive future where innovation knows no boundaries.”

Olatomiwa Williams serves as a trailblazer and role model, exemplifying the potential for transformative change and the boundless opportunities that lie ahead. GetFundedAfrica remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering an inclusive environment that empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds to shape the future of technology in Africa. Through the provision of support, mentorship, and resources, GetFundedAfrica aims to create an ecosystem where visionary leaders like Olatomiwa can thrive and drive sustainable growth in the technology sector.

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