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[NIGERIA] Aliko Dangote unveils $20.5-billion mega-refinery, fuel production set to begin in June


Nigerian businessmen and Africa’s wealthiest man Aliko Dangote has announced the inauguration of the groundbreaking Dangote Oil Refinery, which is set to be the world’s largest vertically integrated petrochemical complex.

The refinery, which was commissioned today by outgoing Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, marks a significant milestone for the nation’s downstream industry and positions Nigeria as a major player in the global oil market.

With an initial processing capacity of 540,000 barrels per day, the Dangote Oil Refinery is primed to fulfill 100 percent of Nigeria’s refined petroleum needs while producing a surplus for export, which is estimated to generate a staggering $11 billion in revenue annually.

The $20.5-billion project aims to put Nigeria on track to become a net exporter of refined petroleum products and petrochemicals by 2026, thereby boosting the nation’s economy and reducing its dependence on imported fuel.

During the ongoing commissioning ceremony, Dangote, chairman of Dangote Group, expressed gratitude to Buhari for his unwavering support throughout the process of bringing the refinery to fruition.

He highlighted the pledge of support from the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC), ensuring seamless refinery operations. 

Dangote Group has set an ambitious target of producing the first fuel products from the refinery by June 2023, contributing significantly to the country’s energy independence. 

Originally scheduled for completion in 2016, Dangote Group persevered through numerous challenges to successfully deliver the petrochemical complex in 2023.

Once fully operational, Dangote Oil Refinery will process a staggering 650,000 barrels per day, surpassing any other refinery on the African continent. 

With 40 percent of the output earmarked for exports, Nigeria is poised to generate billions of dollars in foreign currency. Notably, the Dangote Oil Refinery will serve as a vital source of employment, offering relief to Nigeria’s persistently high unemployment rate. 

Thousands of jobs will be created, providing opportunities for individuals in need and driving socioeconomic growth. While the commissioning ceremony marks the initial phase of refinery operations, full-scale production typically takes several months to ramp up.

The strategic collaboration between Dangote and the Nigerian government, which owns 20 percent of the refinery through NNPC, underscores the shared vision of bolstering the country’s downstream industry and leveraging its immense petroleum potential.

By harnessing Nigeria’s oil resources, the Dangote Oil Refinery is poised to revolutionize the nation’s energy landscape, fulfilling domestic demand, creating an export market worth $11 billion annually, and propelling Nigeria toward a more prosperous future.

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