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Ghanaian tycoon Daniel McKorley’s McDan Aviation boosts operations with two new aircraft

McDan Aviation, the commercial private jet service of the McDan Group of Companies, has announced the addition of two new aircraft to its fleet, signaling its commitment to expanding operations and solidifying its position as one of Africa’s premier private jet service providers.

The company, led by renowned Ghanaian businessman Daniel McKorley, aims to enhance its offerings and cater to the region’s growing demand for luxury air travel.

The latest McDan Aviation fleet additions include the Beechcraft King Air B200. The seven-seater aircraft will primarily operate within Ghana and the West Africa sub-region, with occasional flights to other parts of Africa.

This versatile aircraft is well-suited for quick access to smaller airfields, reducing ground travel time and ensuring clients can swiftly continue their day in a spacious and comfortable cabin.

In addition, McDan Aviation has acquired the Airbus EC135 T1 Helicopter, enabling clients to embark on fascinating helicopter tours across Ghana and West Africa.

The helicopter will also facilitate secondary medical transfers, bridging the gap between topographically-separated hospitals and ensuring patients can promptly access necessary medical care.

McKorley, renowned as one of Ghana’s wealthiest businessmen, expressed his excitement about the expansion, stating: “With a small take-off and landing run, the aircraft will access smaller airfields that minimize ground travel time, leaving clients to continue their day in the quickest time possible, all in a comforting, sizeable cabin.”

The McDan Group of Companies, founded and led by McKorley, is a prominent transportation and logistics conglomerate based in Accra.

With divisions encompassing McDan Shipping, McDan Aviation, and McDan Logistics, the group maintains a strong presence across West African countries such as Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Equatorial Guinea, in addition to its core operations in Ghana.

Since the launch of McDan Aviation’s first private jet terminal in January 2022, the company has been catering to discerning high-end clients seeking luxury travel experiences and corporate executives requiring efficient transportation for business purposes.

The company plans to expand its fleet further by acquiring additional aircraft, including a Challenger 604 Bombardier, Gulfstream jets, and helicopters. These acquisitions will enable McDan Aviation to offer air-ambulance medical services and facilitate domestic tourism.

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