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No fewer than 50 individuals, chief executives, organizations and top political leaders have demonstrated excellence in the midst of odds in the year 2020/2021 and were selected across Africa and received various categories of awards in the just concluded 9th Pan African International Annual Conference And Awards 2021.

The Pan African International Annual Conference and Awards recognise remarkable business leaders,organisations and top political leaders and individuals in Africa for their sustained commitment to excellence in enterprise and good governance.

The event which was supposed to take place in Nairobi Kenya, was held at Sheraton hotel and tower in Lagos, Nigeria, due to covid 19 restrictions,with the theme’Africa In Digital Age: The challenges and Wayfoward for vision 2030′.

The criteria for vetting was based on a balanced scorecard that assigns weighted averages to leadership, innovation, market share, process improvement, entrepreneurship, financial performance, employee job satisfaction, social and environmental focus, and compliance with extant regulatory requirements and Good governance.

The array of the core values of a decade old advocacy and service to humanity ,The values which include :
*To sensitize African leaders on the need to embrace good governance ,accountability ,integrity and the rule of law .
*To showcase and honour credible leaders .organization and individuals who are contributing in the development of Africa by honouring them with prestigious Pan African International awards .
*1To encourage leaders in various positions of authority to see leadership as a call to service and basis for sustainable development.
*To bring together African leaders ,government institutions ,research institutes ,development institutions ,investors as well as academics from both public and private sectors to proffer solutions to prevailing challenges such as terrorism ,corruption and maladministration.

*To discuss effective best practices of good governance and its impact on economic development in Africa .
*To showcase Africa’s successes in order to encourage foreign investors who have an otherwise thought about the continent
*To present Africa as the new bride of the world ,encouraging unity ,oneness and promoting United States of Africa which is achievable
*To encourage value addition to our natural resources through fund creations solely to support such endeavours..
The awardees expressed their joy and gratitude.

Among top awardees for the day were, Dr. Godwin Emefiele CON,Governor of central bank of Nigeria in the category of Africa’s Banker of decades, Mr.Patrick McMichael, The Group CEO, Domino’s Pizza, as the Man Of the Year award, Lifemate furniture received Africa’s best Luxury furniture Company of the year award, while, Dr. Felix King Eiremiokhae, MD/CEO, Oracle experience limited, received, Innovative and experiential branding category and many more Awardees across Africa.
Some popular artist were present and performed live, the likes of Mayshua,Adeola,Zazaboy, solobary e.t.c.

The event was categories as one of the best high profile annual conference and awards in Africa

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