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Glo Ghana, Prepay Nation partner in mobile airtime top-up

Glo, the leading mobile service provider in Ghana, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Prepay Nation, to launch a digital channel for its subscribers for mobile top-ups.  "Having a digital channel, Diaspora Ghanaians and those who have friends in Ghana now have an alternative and convenient way to add airtime to the phone or a friend or relative back home" said Reka Bors, VP Business Development - Europe and Africa at Prepay Nation , a Pennsylvania based company with 10+ years of experience in the mobile payment platforms. “Furthermore, Ghanaians traveling abroad can now easily top up their mobile accounts once they have internet access. We are extremely delighted to be joining forces with Glo to launch this exciting initiative. ” 
"We see this partnership with Prepay Nation as a natural step to improving the experience of our customers," said Hardeep Khertepal, Head of Business at Glo Mobile Ghana. “Offering the convenience of a digital channel allows our customers the opportunity to always stay connected. Additionally, launching these new properties allows us to tap into incremental support from the Ghanaian Diaspora markets. Now, Ghanaians living in Europe, North America or anywhere in the world, send a gift of Glo Mobile airtime to their friends and relatives back in Ghana from anywhere, anytime. ” 
Many mobile operators have the honor to recognize the strategic importance of launching a successful digital channel and the benefits of partnering with Prepay Nation in doing so. Digital channel average transaction values (ATV) tend to be higher than those from the retail sector.
In addition, the average revenue per user (ARPU) is higher for digital customers. Prepay Nation has partnered with mobile operators in Europe, Asia, The Americas and now Africa in launching digital top-up solutions.

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