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Angola’s taxman launches modern information center to bolster revenue collection

The General Tax Administration (AGT) has as of today a Contact Center and a Tax Information Center (BI Showroom) to serve citizens and businesses. At the opening ceremony, Secretary of State for Finance and Treasury Vera Daves said that the centers are part of the program to modernize taxpayer services, as well as promoting the broadening of the tax base and boosting revenue collection.
To make its services faster and more effective, resulting in simplified procedures and reduced forms, AGT has invested in information technologies.
He added that less bureaucracy means more comfort and confidence for taxpayers, an essential condition for improving the business climate and attracting more domestic and foreign private investment.
In his view, AGT must increasingly be in the digital world and evolve as quickly as possible into an environment where filing, tax consultations, notifications, registration updates, certificate applications and tax settlement take place. electronically.
According to the official, this platform facilitates contact between AGT and taxpayers, promoting greater proximity, interaction and sharing of information inherent to tax obligations, using the communication channels grouped in this space, namely Call Center, SMS; Web Chat, social networks and email.
He stressed that these channels allow taxpayers to consult, complain and make suggestions, as well as clarify any issues that may occur.
The BI Showroom information center is a space where users of AGT services will have the opportunity to view, in real time, tax revenue collected by the state.
Both infrastructures, whose use by taxpayers must be stimulated and massified, contribute to greater transparency and efficiency of services.
The Secretary of State for Finance and Treasury considers the Value Added Tax (VAT), scheduled to take effect on October 1, the biggest challenge that "we all have to face and win."
He explained that in order to guard against constraints in the implementation phase of this tax, which will focus on the consumption of goods and services and on imports, there will be a specific Help Desk at the Taxpayer Support Center to clarify VAT-related issues.
VAT is part of the pursuit of the country's fiscal policy and economic development objectives, as it allows, in addition to widening the tax base, the attraction of investments, the elimination of the harmful double taxation inherent in the consumption tax, as well as the gradual framing of the informal economy.
On the other hand, as part of the expansion of tax services, Vera Daves de Sousa inaugurated the 5th tax office, located in the palanca district, where taxpayers will be able to find the services of registration, tax settlement, supervision, issuance of TIN, among other services.
With the opening of this new taxpayer service point, AGT now has 48 tax offices across the country.

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