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Guinness Nigeria announces fully paid 26-week parental leave for female employees

Guinness Nigeria employees will begin to enjoy some of the best parental leave benefits in the country, with the business announcing a new policy that offers female employees 26 weeks fully paid parental leave and male employees 4 weeks paternity leave on full rate of pay. The ambitious move is part of Guinness Nigeria’s leading work to support a fully inclusive and diverse workforce where barriers to career progression are removed and talent is retained and nurtured.
Speaking on this, Baker Magunda, Managing Director Guinness Nigeria Plc., said: “We are committed to our focus on inclusion and diversity, and this takes various forms – from supporting and empowering graduates and female leaders within the business to this parental leave policy change. We believe it is a truly forward looking decision to accelerate our work in equality for employees and their families.”
The new policy also strengthens the support for parents as they return to work including the option of flexible, adaptable work arrangements and access to free independent counselling.
Speaking further, Bola Olajomi-Otubu, Human Resources Director Guinness Nigeria Plc., also noted “I’m delighted to see Guinness Nigeria making this move, and it is a pleasure to be a part of the team facilitating this change in the business. Parental leave gives both mothers and fathers the chance to spend quality time with their child in the important first months of life, creating a bond that will last a lifetime. Employers can reap the benefits too - flexibility in work is proven to create happier, more loyal and more productive workforces.”
Guinness Nigeria’s commitment to championing diversity and inclusion across its business is driven at the very highest level. The company exhibits diversity at most senior levels where women currently make up 30% of the Board and 45% of the executive leadership team.
 These efforts are supported by a range of dedicated employee networks such as the Guinness Nigeria Spirited Women’s network; creating opportunities for women not just within the business, but in the wider society.
Guinness Nigeria also has a Diversity Board, which is chaired by the Legal Director and Company Secretary, Rotimi Odusola, and sponsored by the Supply Chain Director Colman Hanna, alongside other members of the executive leadership team, providing the overarching vision, governance and target setting for diversity and inclusion across the business.

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