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Ogba Retail Market Will Become An Ultra-Modern Market After Completion- Kehinde Fajana

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Kehinde Fajana is a hardworking man, he is the Managing Director of highflying Eliezer Investments Limited, the company in charge of the ongoing redevelopment of Ogba retail market. In this brief interview, he talks about himself and his business. Enjoy reading.

Can we know briefly about you sir?
I am Kehinde Fajana, the Chief Executive Officer of Eliezer Investments Limited a family business born out of the general condition of our great country Nigeria, Eliezer Investments Limited was established to serve human beings and to give the best to the people.
Tell us about Eliezer Investments Ltd
Eliezer Investments Ltd is into production of household items and Paints along the line, we ventured into real estate and began to develop small houses and shops for people. When the Mega City project started, we looked at it and thought of how we could come in, so we approached Ojodu Local Council Development Area and informed them that we wanted to be part of this millennium project to develop their market and they awarded Ogba Retail Market to us for its development.
Who are the companies involved in the project?…
We use the best companies that can perform and deliver. We have a construction company at Ogba Multipurpose Shopping Complex and our financier is Jubilee Life Mortgage Bank.
How long will it take you to complete the project?….
We are looking at January 2019 to deliver the project.
What is the role of Ojodu Local Council Development Area?…..
Ojodu Local Council Development Area is the owner of the project, we have an understanding. Ours is to develop it for them, then manage it for a while.
Tell us about your relocation market…..
By the Grace of God, we are the first to have a functional relocation market in Lagos vis-à-vis Nigeria, we are the first to relocate traders from one place to the other seamlessly and without any noise because the owners consented and agreed to it. So they are being settled, we paid and are still paying.
What is your advice to those that are coming into the new retail market in Ogba?
When they come in, there will be rules and regulations and there will be people that will manage it. I will advise them to abide by it. We are going to bring capable hands that will take care of it. We have elevator, escalator, CCTV and a functional and nice car park, electricity, water systems there must be experts to manage them. So I will advise them to corporate with the managers.
What is your opinion on Ambode’s administration?
What I am doing now can only be done under a government that can see tomorrow in you. Governor Ambode has given his support to the project till date and we are trying our best not to disappoint him, if it’s about who you know or contacts you have, I will not be given the job; he won’t even allow me to do it. Rather, he wants to know what you can offer to shop owners and we told him we are relocating them. Though they investigated us and he approved it, Governor Ambode has done a lot for us and Lagos State.
Advise to Nigerians….
Nigerians should be patient; we should give creativity a chance. I give respect to experience but, creativity should also be given a chance. If someone says he can do something, he should be given a chance to prove himself. The youths should be up and doing because hard work pays, they should struggle to get to the top because “no sweat no sweet”. As our President said Nigerian youths are lazy you know where it touches you, he can’t say all Nigerian youths are lazy, I can’t say all Nigerian youths are lazy, I can’t abide to that because I am not lazy. Most Nigerian youths are lazy not all, we have lazy and hardworking youths. The attitude of some youth of today is a course for concern, but the question is, what foundation was laid for them. It is not easy for so many. So let us keep working hard to become good citizens and be useful to our country Nigeria.
Your philosophy of life
Hardwork, consistent and never give up.

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