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[NIGERIA] :Malta Guinness thrills Lagosians with the Maltavator Challenge

Image result for MALTAVATOR CHALLENGE LAGOS PICTURESImage result for MALTAVATOR CHALLENGE LAGOS PICTURESImage result for MALTAVATOR CHALLENGE LAGOS PICTURESLagosians had an electrifying experience at the Maltavator Challenge on Saturday as
they came out en masse to show why the city is the centre of Excellence. Registration
started as early as 7am with over 2000 excited consumers registering for a chance to be
one of the 10 contestants to represent Nigeria at the Maltavator Challenge International
TV show.
As the contestants prepared to take on the challenge, the Malta Guinness team was on
ground to fuel their greatness with the goodness of Malta Guinness - packed full with
energy giving vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6 to turn the Malta Goodness into Greatness.
There was so much fun and excitement in the air as the contestants engaged in a series
of physical and mentally tasking challenges with included the Maltavator Obstacle
course, the Gladiator Duel, the Ball Pool Treasure Hunt and the Maze contest.
The Finalists; Stanley Babalola, Oge Nwabueze, Evans Edeha-Ideji, Igboecheonwu Jane
Fransisca, Opanubi Toyosi and James James, who proved they were physically strong
and mentally fit were crowned the True Maltavators for Lagos city.
The Final ten (10) Contestants to represent Nigeria in the forthcoming Pan- African TV
show will now be shortlisted from the finalists from Benin, Enugu and Lagos auditions-
the lucky ten (10) Contestants will be announced in the coming weeks.
Speaking at the event; the Brand Manager, Malta Guinness and Premium Non Alcoholic
Drinks- Ifeoma Agu said “The Maltavator challenge has been very fulfilling across the
different cities we have been to and the turnout in Lagos is really overwhelming. This
proves to us that Nigerians are very passionate Go-Getters and Malta Guinness will
continue to be that brand that fuels their Can-do spirit to greatness. The Maltavator
challenge TV show is a platform that challenges Africans to unleash their Can do spirit
with optimism and reach for greatness.
The Maltavator Challenge is a Pan African TV show which will have Forty (40)
contestants from Nigeria, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire and Ethiopia to compete in mentally and
physically challenging obstacle courses for a chance to win $20,000 and fantastic prizes.
Nigeria will play host to all the 40 Contestants as this Eleven Episode TV show will be
shot in Nigeria and would air across 52 African TV stations from April 2018.
For more details, follow @maltaguinnessng on Twitter and Instagram and like the Malta
Guinness page on Facebook. Let’s Go!

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