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Cape Verde to set up international defense and security facility for Africa by 2020 to tackle growing security challenges

By mid 2020, the Republic of Cape Verde will inaugurate a continental training center dedicated to African State Security Forces. The objective of this initiative is to build capacity to face the persistent security challenges of the continent and to develop international cooperation in defense and security. The center is called Orbit Training Center and the cost of construction is estimated to be $125m.
Orbit Training Center integrates standard training facilities along with simulation technologies distributed within modules dedicated to indoor or outdoor shooting, combat shooting, SEALs training, sport, intelligence analytics, military and secured communications, legal and tactical interception, crowd control and drug enforcement, illegal poaching and cybercrime.
Orbit Training Center is also meant to host international conferences and events, along with B2B sessions in the sector of defense and security.
The center will hold a capacity of 150 students and instructors, and will encompass an area of 620 acres (2.5 km2). The center will be open to all State Security Forces, including Police, Armed Forces, Special Forces, Intelligence, Special Services, Customs, Wildlife Rangers, Firefighters, Civil Protection Forces, all from Africa.
Orbit Training Center will also be open to international institutions such as the United Nations (peacekeeping operations), the African Union, ECOWAS or ECOMOG, INTERPOL, and NATO.
Developed with the cooperation of the Government of Cape Verde, Orbit Training Center will get free zone status.

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