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World Malaria Day: NGF urges US to sustain financial aid to Nigeria

World Malaria Day: NGF urges US to sustain financial aid to Nigeria

The Chairman of Nigerian Gover­nor’s Forum (NGF), Abdulaziz Yari, has appealed to the US Gov­ernment to sustain the financial to elim­inate the malaria scourge in Nigeria and sub-Sahara Africa.
Abubakar who is also Governor of Zamfara State, made the call in Abuja in events marking the World Malaria Day on April 25, by the US Embassy.
It would be recalled that the US Gov­ernment has invested over 240 million dollars on malaria, covering 11 states in Nigeria since 2010 with 75 million dol­lars in 2016 alone.
Yari appealed for increase the malaria detection rate, and strengthening of mos­quito control activities, particularly in the high prevalence districts.
“I want to appeal to the government of the US not to allow malaria aid to be af­fected by the proposed cut in its financial aid to other countries.
“I believe that the wellbeing of the citi­zens of U.S. is tied to the wellbeing of oth­er citizens of the world,” he said.
According to him America as the world economic leader and the leading country in the humanitarian support has a huge task in the fight against malaria.
“On behalf of the 36 governors of the federation and Nigerian Governors’ Fo­rum, I want the Deputy Head of Mission U.S. Embassy to convey our message to the U.S, President Donald Trump.
“He should not only sustain malaria’s aid but other aids that affect the general wellbeing of our people.
“We must appreciate U.S. for taking the lead in the efforts to eliminate malaria in Nigeria and sub-Sahara Africa,” he said.
He said that the US had made some re­markable progress in combating malaria disease in Nigeria.
The governor expressed concern that Malaria had resulted in the death of thou­sands of children and pregnant women every year in Nigeria.
Yari commended the United State for International Development (USAID) for the efforts made in fighting malaria across the federation of the country.-The Authority

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