The member repre­senting Anambra East in the House of Representatives, Hon Tony Nwoye, yesterday said only total involve­ment of youths in the federal, state and local governments is the only panacea for improved ser­vice delivery and genuine dividends of democracy to the people.
Hon Nwoye whose is as­piring to govern Anambra State in the 2017 governor­ship election in Anambra State under the platform of the All Progressives Con­gress (APC), disclosed this while addressing news­men in Onitsha.
He noted that he was motivated to vie due to some irregularities and corruption that had crip­pled the socio-economic activities in Anambra State ever since APGA took over power.
Dr Nwoye alleged that the AGPA-led government had siphoned local gov­ernment funds meant for meaningful development of the state and the em­powerment of the youths, adding that the APC which is known for anti-corruption would expose all their embezzlements.
He commended the present Governor Obiano’s achievement on security, which he said he would improve on to attract local and foreign investors for positive transformation of the state.
The governorship aspi­rant stressed that his ad­ministration would map out several avenues to strengthen the economy of the state and boost the internally generated rev­enue, which no one had accounted for in the past.-The Authority