Air travellers to and from Abuja have been assured of adequate medical atten­tion in the wake of the ongoing flights diversion from the Abuja Airport to Kaduna.
In a chat with the Chief Medical Director of a pri­vate hospital in Abuja, Nizamiye Hospital, Dr Husenyin Aka, he stated that there is absolutely no need for panic for Abu­ja residents because the hospital is a world class medical centre equipped with the state of art facil­ities to handle simple and complex medical cases.
According to him, “The federal government had embarked on an inspec­tion tour of hospitals in the FCT to ascertain their state of readiness to han­dle emergencies.
In that respect, it nom­inated some hospitals to attend to emergency cas­es during the period of the airport closure. And Nizamiye hospital was one of those hospitals nominated by the federal government.”
He emphasised the fact that Nigerians do not need to travel abroad for medical treatment since there are a couple of good hospitals in the country.
“Going abroad for med­ical care is not necessary in my opinion because Nigeria is blessed with some of the best hands you can find and there are a couple of hospitals in the country that are world class.
“One of our aims is to encourage patients to come for treatment here because when they go abroad, their relatives and friends cannot support them during or after the operation. So that is one benefits of coming to this hospital where you have your family members and a regular doctors at hand.
The Nizamiye Hospital is a well-equipped med­ical centre that boasts of moern medical technol­ogies in its various sec­tions.- The Authority