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Mother claims 7-year-old daughter healed of HIV/AIDS at crusade

A seven-year-old girl, Faith Ojo, has been confirmed healed of the deadly virus HiV/AIDS by a medical report from the City Medical Diagnostic Cen­tre, Ido-Ekiti, Ekiti State. Her mother, Bosede, claimed Faith became whole after taking anointing oil from the Jesu Omo Dafidi Outreach Ministries of Evangelist Emmanuel Joseph:
“I could handle being positive with HIV/AIDs because I am an adult, but that my daughter of barely seven also has it was what shattered me. I began to pray to God for a divine interven­tion.
“Last month, I attended the Jesu Omo Dafidi monthly programme and Evangelist Joseph, the convener, prayed for me and anointed me. I also bought the anointing oil and was using it to pray. I became exceedingly sur­prised when the last laboratory report from the doctor said that my daughter is negative with the virus. This is sim­ply a miracle.”
Ojo was gave her testimony at a re­cent crusade of the church at Freedom Ground, Ido-Ekiti.
Joseph, president of the ministry, ex­plained: “God has chosen this freedom ground to prove His awesome powers. He has been performing great miracles during our yearly programme here. Miracles of healing, deliverance and blessing of the womb.
“There was a woman who had been pregnant for three and a half years, but God made her to give birth to a set of twins when she stepped on this free­dom ground. Someone who was in­sane was delivered, people got good jobs and others are healed of various diseases.
“God has done this for me because I have obeyed him. I was pastoring a big church before but no miracles were happening until God asked me to shut the church and become an evangelist. That is when He began to perform His miracles through this evangelism out­reach.”
Joseph who also advised that all who wants a miracle from God must have a strong faith as Ojo had displayed, pre­dicted that the austerity in the country would soon end:
“As a clergyman and citizen of this country, when we are having a chal­lenging time such as this, I am expect­ed to seek God’s face on the situation of things. This was what the Prophets of God like Elijah did in the Bible.
Whenever the children of Israel were in trouble, they sought God’s face and He revealed things to come to them. During my prayers to God, He revealed to me that the austerity we are cur­rently facing would by end of this June.
“God has assured that a time of abundance would be here as from the end of June. He said those living in one room apartment would move into a three-bedroom flat, and those in flat would move into their own houses. This is God’s assurance and I am sure of this as a servant of the Most High God.
“The government would re­ceive divine visitation and the sad story of this country would change for the better and all government workers would laugh.”
Pastor Anslem Emmanuel from Kumasi, Ghana, also spoke: “I advise Nigerian leaders to take God seriously. You cannot rule a nation with­out asking for God’s help. God in their lives would give them the right frame of mind to lead.
“Although, the Evangelist Joseph has been my friend for some years now, but one of the things that made me to come for this programme all the way from Ghana is because I feel the spirit of God in him. I do not go where there is no spirit of God. Even though things might be happening there but if there it is not spirit of God, I do not go there. I want to advise everyone who really wants to feel God’s presence to come for the programme.” - THE SUN

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